About Us

The Largest Aboriginal Printer in Canada

The Aboriginal Printing Corporation was founded in heart of the financial district of Toronto, and has grown throughout Canada and the globe from country-wide ownerships and international strategic partners, which include Print Three and Alphagraphics. Today, The APC is the largest 100% owned certified Aboriginal Printer in Canada.

The Aboriginal Printing Corporation team consists of specialists in traditional print, such as sheet fed, Web press, ink and paper, but has also developed expertise in modern digital tools to maximize client options and satisfy their immediate requirements. Our 150,000 square foot print production facility is both FSC and ISO certified and operates 24/7. It incorporates the latest Heidelberg equipment in Web press and sheet fed printing, in-line UV inks and coating, and a full in house bindery and finishing department to meet all your print requirements under one roof.

Our team of print professionals are committed to the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of your print projects. To accomplish this we have at your disposal the power of online tools, the breadth of a 150,000 foot facility, and same day print and distribution services across Canada or the Globe.

For a faster more efficient solution to your printing needs, call the Aboriginal Printing Corporation at 416-865-1455 or simply complete the Contact Us form.